The End Is Over

A once wholesome and whole world, green and blue and pristine, is now gone.

From out of the dark and forbidding heavens hurtles a great meteor, black as night itself. Carving through Abaddon’s atmosphere, it calves into massive sections and rains down upon the world in great shards, obliterating cities and shattering the living rock. Tidal waves swamp over islands and drown the coasts; volcanoes ignite; the ground quakes.

More than eight in ten of the sentient beings of Abaddon die in moments. No sorcery, no prayer, no force of arms, no cunning with the builder’s craft can stand against the destruction. Those who survive find themselves in the ruins of civilization, surrounded by corpses, overwhelmed by death, and living beneath a soot-black sky.

Their suffering does not end there. The meteor was a black, hellish thing, turgid with necrotic energy. The survivors witness in horror as the fragments and dust of the meteor wake the dead. Few of the remaining cities survive the onslaught of their own deceased.
The deaths, the trauma, the spiritual and necromantic energy—all released at once—change something fundamental on Abaddon.

The old gods are gone. Long live the new gods!

Table of Contents

Age of the Apocalypse

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